Topics: United States Senate, Government, Roman Senate Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Victoria Musilek
AP Government and Politics
Essay # 3
19 November 2012
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Essay

After watching the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, many of the government activities that we learned so far this year were represented in the film. This film was about how a senator died and the events leading to the appointing of the new senator. Also the movie displayed how a man would go to any length to pass a bill he believe in and how he held the longest filibuster in history in order to pass that bill. One of the government activities that we learned this year was how difficult the process is of appointing a new senator if one were to die. In the beginning of the film a group of reporters are scrambling about and shouting in telephones that the current senator, Samuel Foley, has died. The senior senator heard this news and immediately calls the governor and addresses to him the situation at hand. The governor then calls Mr. Taylor and tells him the news. Taylor tells the governor that he must appoint a new senator to fill in the open seat and to complete Foley’s term. The governor turns down many of the appointees until he domes up with the idea of appointing Mr. Smith, who is the leader of the boy rangers, for senator. He convinces Taylor that he will be perfect for the job because Smith has no clue about politics and wont cause any trouble or get in the way of Taylor’s plans and he agrees. Smith is now the new senator, taking over Foley’s term. Although in the movies this event happens in a short time, but in reality it takes a bit longer to appoint someone because the governor has to find the right person that will represent the state very well. As mentioned before in the last paragraph, Taylor had some plans up his sleeve. He approved Smith because he knew that he wouldn’t cause any trouble within the political world. This is because Taylor was trying to get his proposed pork barrel bill passed in order to finance...
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