Governmen assistance programs

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There are three major government assistance programs, Food Stamps, WIC and Public Housing. Thousands of people rely on these services daily, without these programs for some daily life is not possible. I for one oppose these government assistance programs and agree with the statement “ Welfare has become a system that creates dependency and is a crutch for which individuals never aspire to do better”.

Food Stamps otherwise known as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). It is a federal aid program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. SNAP is the largest nutrition assistance program and is estimated to have served more than 40 million low income Americans per year. The program started in 1939 due to unmarketable food surpluses and widespread unemployment. I believe Food Stamps are being abused in our society by most, and have become a free pass for junk food, I think the government should stop funding it.
WIC was created in 1974 as a response to the realization that hunger and poverty were widespread in this country and that inadequate nutrition poses a real threat to the human body. The program is aimed at low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and infants and children under the age of five. WIC started in 1968 when physicians described to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and the USDA that young women, often pregnant, came to their clinics with various ailments that were caused by a lack of food. The doctors would prescribe needed foods, with the prescription acting as a sort of food voucher. I believe WIC keeps low income families stable and should continue being funded. Public Housing is housing administered by federal, state and local agencies to provide subsidized assistance for low-income households.According to Wikipedia “Permanent, federally funded housing came into being in the United States as a part of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Title II, Section 202 of the National Industrial Recovery Act,

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