Gourmet Pasta Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Demographics, Customer service Pages: 8 (2187 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Executive Summary
Gourmet pasta is one of the best Pasta restaurants in Cabanatuan City with rapidly developing consumers brand and growing customer base. The signature line of innovative, premium pasta dishes include pesto with smoke salmon, pancetta and peas linguini in an alfredo sauce, and fresh mussels and clams in a marinara sauce. Gourmet Pasta also serves distinct salads, desserts, and beverages. Gourmet pasta uses homemade pasta, fresh vegetables and premium meets and cheeses. Gourmet Pasta will reinvent the pasta experience for individuals, families, and take out customers with discretionary income by selling high quality, innovative product at a price designing, designing tasteful, convenient locations, and providing industry-benchmark customer service. Gourmet Pasta is the only pasta restaurant here in Cabanatuan city, although there are 2 Restaurant offering pasta dishes but they primarily served pizza’s, in gourmet pasta the restaurant primarily served are pasta’s although they have other dishes but their main product are pasta. Current situation

Gourmet Pasta is closed to entering their second year of operations. The restaurant has been well received, and marketing is now crucial to its continued success and future profitability. The store offers an extensive offering of gourmet pastas. The basic need is to offer individuals, families, and take out customers. Fresh, creative, attractive, pasta dishes, salads and desserts. Market trends

The market trends for restaurant are headed toward a more sophisticated customer. The restaurants patron today relative to yesterday is more sophisticated in a number of different ways. 1. Food quality. The preference for high-quality ingredients is increasing as customers are learning to appreciate the qualitative differences. 2. Presentation/appearance. As a presentation of an element of the culinary experience becomes more pervasive, patrons are learning to appreciate this aspect of industry. 3. Health consciousness. Filipinos are more cognizant of their health, evidenced by the increase in individuals exercising and health club membership, patrons are requesting more healthy alternatives when they eat out. 4. Selection. People are demanding larger selections of foods. They are no longer accepting a limited menu.

Market growth
The pasta restaurant markets are estimated to grow by at least 10% for the next few years. This growth can be attributed to several different factors. The first factors are appreciations for health conscious food. While not all pasta is “good for you”, particularly the cream based sauces, pasta can be very tasty yet health conscious at the same time. Pasta is seen as a healthy food because of its high percentage of carbohydrates relative to fat. Another variable that is contributing to market growth is an increase in the number of hours our demographic is working. Over the last five years the numbers of hours spent at work of our archetype customer has significantly increased. As the number of work hours increases, there is a high correlation of people that eat at out at restaurants. This is intuitively explained by the fact that with a limited number of hours available each day, people have less time to prepare their meals and eating out is one way to maximize their time. Product service/description

Gourmet pasta created gourmet pastas and salads that are differentiated and superior to competitors. Customer can taste the quality and freshness of the product in every bite. The following are the characteristic 1. Gourmet’s dough for the pasta is made with Italian semolina flour. 2. Cheeses are all imported

3. Vegetables are locally available
4. Meats are all top-shelf varieties.
At gourmet’s food is not a product, the experience of dining is a service. Gourmet’s prides themselves on providing service that is on par with fine ding. This is accomplished through an extensive training program and only hiring...
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