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The food items industry has been rising constantly at a considerable rate and the eating habits of people are changing over time with the changing life styles. With the growing trend of having light snacks with tea in the afternoon and other ready made snacks for a meal instead of the traditional meals of curry n bread, the demand and consumption for the products of this industry is growing rapidly.

Apart from that as more people and youngsters are working especially the women, their daily lives are becoming very fast and they don’t have time to cook at home. Due to this reason more people are now seeking convenience goods, which act as a alternative to the traditional meals. Although people are becoming more aware and more health conscious thus they demand high standards of quality and hygiene along with a balanced nutrition.

Along with that the trend of celebrating events and having a get-together in the West is now sweeping our culture as well and more people are now celebrating many different events such as birthdays, ceremonies, anniversaries, New Year, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day etc as compared to the few events celebrated earlier such as Eid ul Adha, Eid ul Fitr. These events boost the sales of this industry as people opt to buy things from outside instead of cooking themselves.

The trends of dining out have also grown rapidly over the past few years and that’s the reason why many new companies like Gourmet are entering the Restaurants market.

The acceptance and need for such products are growing every passing day and it is expected to grow at a higher rate in the future as well which is a very healthy sign for companies like Gourmet to invest smartly and be in front.

Brief history

The word gourmet is from the French term, defined as "refined and uncontrolled love of good food". Gourmet is an industry classification for high-quality premium foods in the United States. Gourmet may describe a class of restaurant, cuisine, meal or ingredient of high quality, of special presentation, or high sophistication. Gourmet food is characterized by high quality, accurate preparation, and artistic presentation. This name “gourmet” was suggested by his daughter who is living in America.

“Gourmet Bakers and Sweets” is the largest food retail chain of Lahore. It is based in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan known for its traditional foods and passion for eating. It was started with a single outlet in Ichra in 1987 by Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Chathha, in the begging they did not get good response which resulted in shut down. He again started in 1992 at different place at Muslim town, and Gourmet did not look back since then. Now with its 5 Production units, 2 restaurants and 84 sales outlets, gourmet outreaches to a huge population for their food needs.

Mr. chathha the founder of Gourmet stared his business with 20 million rupees. He is holding the position of Managing Director of the company. He was serving in Shezan Bakers as a General Manager and later on he decided to make his own bakery. He started his business through getting employees from shehzan bakers in the beginning.

Gourmet produces a wide variety of bakery items, sweets and dairy products and offers high quality services in their restaurants. Gourmet has introduced many new items in bakery products categories which were previously not in the market of Lahore. Gourmet stresses hard on quality and taste of their products and making them affordable for their customers at the best prices in the market.

The company has shown an explosive annual growth of more than 25 % till 2006 in its business since this unique business was started in 1992. Recently gourmet shows 65% of annual growth in its business from 2006 to 2008. With his commitment and strenuous effort to provide the consumers with best quality food products in a convenient and unmatched displaying manner, Gourmet has become a success story of...
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