Goths in Tomorrowland Response

Topics: Reactionary, Clothing, Peer group Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: December 11, 2005
In reaction to Hine's essay, I was very interested. I felt that it was so true when he would argue about how teens are being separated from society by the adults. The main point of the essay is that teens are being singled out because the adults in society are sick of dealing with them and looking at their different styles of clothing. Granted that Goths do look like they are mad at the world, but it's their own choice, they are still people. If social segregation isn't enough, teens are now being enforced to look like the rest of society. For example, Disney now has the right to get rid of Goths because of the way they look. Doesn't the right to express one's self apply anymore? It seems that adult society feels this is true.

In addition to separation by the adults in society, teens are also set apart by their own peers. Hine got the word from many teens of what kind of groups there are in their school. I counted 24 different classifications that teens put their fellow students in. I think that Hine was putting stress on the fact that teens are trapped in an everyday cycle of isolation and they are slowly being separated from society.

It is getting rather ironic that teenagers are known for wanting to be themselves and original, when at the same time their elders want them to assimilate to their own styles. This separation is a very large problem in society and must be brought to awareness. Teenagers cannot be denied for changing from society's standards and being different. Adults have to learn to accept them for who they are because the adults of today were just like us as well not too long ago. We are a generation brought up without war, a generation brought up through peace and technological booming. I think that Goths should be credited with acting on their own and being themselves. The only way we are ever going to learn to get along is if we accept each other and see through the exteriors.
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