Gothic Story

Topics: Love Pages: 6 (2502 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Vignette of You

Situated within a certain mansion, buttressed by stone walls covered in mould, therein lies a portrait. This portrait, caked in dust, had lost the vibrant splendour of which it attained years ago. It depicts a grandiose mansion, windows smiling brightly as candle light filtered through them, creating an atmosphere of joy and merry-making. However, such beauty was sadly hidden, for it was hung in the most depilated part of the mansion, which no one roams. On the other side of the mansion though, is a couple, gazing lovingly into each other spiritual windows, as each was deeply lost in the emotions tumbling within their hearts, a girl and her fiancé. The female, a lady in her twenties dressed in an ostentatious dress, as was the fashion of the nineteenth century at that time, looks innocent and intensely infatuated with the man. The man boasted charming features yet failed in the finance department. Nevertheless, they resembled a perfect couple. The girl’s name is Akina. Akina was a greenhorn in the realm of love and naïveté caused her to pour out her heart and soul to her maiden love.

On a fated night, Akina tossed and turned in her bed. Sleep evaded her for no apparent reason. Acting on a whim, she decided to explore the huge mansion which she knew as home. She wandered along the corridor till she reached a fork leading towards two different hallways. One led to the drawing room which she frequently visited as a child. The other was a path which was deserted. Some said that it was haunted. Others said it was a never ending path leading to a void. Akina felt a shiver run down her spine. She did not know what suddenly gave her a desire for an adventure, what boosted her courage and what caused her legs to move on their own accord down the secluded path. She walked down the path, passing by various mysterious doors and passages till she came face to face with a door. The door was like no other and it towered over her. Somehow she could feel an aura around the place that gave her goose bumps but at the same time beckoned her to go in. Her curiosity got the better of her and she stretched out her hands, gripping onto the knob…

Behind the door was a large musty room that was spaciously empty, bar some old furniture placed here and there. But what caught her attention was a curtained area, shrouded in darkness as it gave off a vibe of secrecy, inviting her curious self towards it. She approached it gingerly, grasping the maroon curtains before setting her heart, and pulled back the curtains, revealing a framed painting, though faded over time. The colours were faint and the details smudged, yet it still held Akina in awe, for she had an eye for paintings. Placing her fingers upon the mansion depicted there, she wondered what it life would hold in store in such a splendid manor. Perhaps it was this very mansion in the past, or perhaps it was from the imagination of the artist which caused her to feel drawn to the mansion in the ruined painting, wishing to see the interior of the merry-looking structure. Suddenly, she felt a jerk upon her arm, and as she looked down, she noticed that her hand was passing through the painting, with no trace of a tear on the said object itself! She let out a wholly scream, panicking as she attempted to wrench her arm back out, hoping that this was all just a dream. However, to her dismay, it was not. This was proven when she bit onto her other hand; the pain coursing through her veins was enough to allow her to separate reality from fiction. Against her will, she was unceremoniously yanked into the painting, leaving an empty room once again, with strange footprints in the dust leading to the painting, and stopping there.

Akina flopped onto the ground, blinking her eyes as she glanced dazedly at the scene before her, attempting to discern the flamboyant lights and decorations, before pushing herself off the pebbled path leading to the gates. Standing awestruck, she glanced...
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