Gothic Story

Topics: Debut albums, Family, Hell Pages: 4 (1799 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Gothic Story
I heard the loud, deadly screams of my sister from the upstairs bedroom. Her cries for my mother made my ears screech. Maybe she was having another nightmare, or maybe she wasn’t. As I found myself running upstairs alongside the rest of my siblings; we surrounded the perimeter of my sisters bed. I stood and watched as my mother and father rocked my sister back and forth consoling her, and trying to make her feel better. My father immediately accused me of doing something to her. As the only boy out of 5 sisters I was always the target. My father jumped from the bed and wrapped his extremely large hands around my throat and threatened to kill me. As my mother watched not saying a word, I began to cry and tried to explain to my father that I was not the cause of my baby sisters tears. As he began to grip tighter and tighter I looked out the small faint window of my sisters bedroom; a demonic looking women in a black dress pierced my eyes as she stood in the woods not making a single move or sound. It then occurred to me why my sister was crying.

Later that night I laid in my bed with the door locked, the lights off, and the curtains closed. My bedroom unlike the others was in the basement. The only light that I would receive was from a tiny crawlspace window, but of course the curtain was always closed. The heavy metal music blasted my ears through my studio headphones. I let my mind wonder to a dark place as I wondered what I had seen through that window. I was scared but at the same time I was curious. Who was that lady and why was she outside my house? Maybe it was an omen to something that was going to happen. I wanted to know who it was, and I wanted to know now.

I could here my father in the kitchen as he began to pack his food for work. Lucky for me he worked third shift at the factory so at least I got a good nights rest without having to worry about the fear of him strangling me in my sleep. The front door closed and he was on his...
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