Gothic Short Story

Topics: Coming out, The Other Guys, The Devil Went Down to Georgia Pages: 8 (2004 words) Published: March 3, 2013

Arriving at a new school is scary and nerve racking. I’ve moved five times since I was six, but Dad said this would be the last time for sure. I’m hopeful, but I should never keep my hopes too high.

The first day was good, I even started to talk to some of the other guys. They all seem nice and chill, everyone does for the most part, but it’s high school, people aren’t always what they seem.

After talking to my parents and the guys who I had become friends with at school, I invited them to hangout at my house. During lunch I gave them all the info on where I lived. One of the guys seemed a bit hesitant though, but I don’t know why. It was the first time someone was actually acting strange around me. So now it’s Friday evening, and they should be here in about an hour. I’m excited but nervous; my parents can be weird and annoying sometimes…

“Hey guys! What’s up?”

Marko, Karl and Luke walk in. The guys have a smiling, except Luke. He tries to make it seem like he’s excited, but it’s obvious to the rest of the guys that he’s not.

“Hi guys, I’m Mrs. M and this is my husband and Danny‘s dad, Mr. M, would you like some snacks or some drinks maybe?”

“No thanks mom, I think we’re fine, we’ll be upstairs in my room.”

“Okay, have fun!”

“Thanks.” The three guys said together.

The four guys walk upstairs to Danny’s room. The door creaks open to a mid-sized room with blue walls and a full-sized bed decorated like a normal teens bed. The window across from the door is wide and was open. You can look straight out the window across the close by street to a broken down house. The guys step in one at a time, as if they were scared of something, Danny behind them. The door closes behind the guys. Sunlight was coming in through the window and the gold rays on the bed are gleaming, making it hard to look at.

They look around at the bedroom in complete awe. Luke walked straight to the big window and cringed.

“What’s wrong Luke?” Danny asked.

“Oh, ignore him,” Marko said, “he’s afraid of that house over there. There have been…stories.”

“What kind of stories?”

“Oh you know how people are when a house gets abandoned. It’s suddenly haunted with ghosts and all these rumors of crazy and deranged stuff that went on with the last owners, but I’ll tell you later it’ll make a nice bedtime story.” Marko laughed as Luke turned around.

“It’s not funny Marko, you think you know everything and just because you don’t believe it because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it isn’t true.” Luke shouted back

“Oh stop, you know I believe what happened, it’s just been exaggerated over time, that’s how all stories are.”


The subject quickly changed, as there was a little tension between Marko and Luke. The quarrel was forgotten quickly though as the guys watched a movie, played games and told stories.

As the night went on, it started to rain. From the view in Danny’s room the guys were blinded with the strikes of lightening and deafened by the raging rolls of thunder. It was getting late, Karl started to drift off to sleep, Luke was easing up until the storm started and Marko and Danny were laughing at the horror movies that they found cheesy.

Right as the young, hopeless guy was walking into a dark room and the killer was about to jump out, the lights went out and the TV automatically shut off. The guys let out a little hesitant scream, half in fright and half due to the irony of the subject.

“Are you guys alright? It seems that we’re experiencing a black out from the storm.” Danny’s mom called to the guys.

“Yeah, we’re alright mom, we got flashlights.”

“Alright boys, if you need anything, just shout for me.” Danny’s mom went away and it was now quiet again.

“Well, since there’s nothing else to do I’ll tell you about your shy neighbors across the street,” Marko said.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea Marko?...
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