Gothic Horror Story

Topics: Stairway, Red hair, Woods Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Gothic Horror Story.
“I will be home soon,” said I, “before the rise of noon, just in time for tea mother.” And I hurried off after negotiating that I was old enough to go and see the wonders of the gloomy, haunted woods which many people had warned each other about. “Come back in time,” said mother whilst cooking tea, and glanced at me with disapproval. My grim looking father sat, listening to the radio, with great eager. “Before you go daughter,” he broke in, “make sure you take extra care as this place is not suitable for mature girls as you. There have been many extraordinary events that have taken place out there.” He shook his head in dissatisfaction, moving it from side to side. My heart pounded. Heading to towards the door I heard the sound of people whispering and moving fast. I stood at the rusty, heavy Iron Gate, turning to say goodbye to my parents as a raindrop hit my head and began dripping down my face and onto my neck. I ambled towards the woods which were situated in the middle of nowhere. It was isolated, far from civilisation. A single raven circled over my head, cawing. It was alone, like me. A cold breeze swept through the air, tugging at my hair, pulling me away from the site. I began to feel the disturbance of the environment consequently, finding it harder and harder to disguise my apprehension. “Keep going,” I told myself. Hearing a rustling noise coming from the bushes beside me, I slowed my pace down until I came to a stop, when I caught glimpse of something unusual. A fiery red eye what seemed like red hair, the kind that belongs to humans... Confused and scared I assured myself it was just a fox and I had imagined the one red eye, of which most likely belonged to an animal. Even though I knew it was still in the bush, I couldn’t muster enough courage to go and have a look at it. I just left it and begun running in the direction of my house. My pace being slightly quicker that what it was before I stopped....
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