Got to Get You Into My Life: Do Brand Personalities Rub Off on Consumers? Jcr Report

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Psychology Pages: 4 (1456 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Title: “Got to Get You into My Life: Do Brand Personalities Rub off on Consumers?” Authors: Ji Kyung Park, Deborah Roedder John
This report is a study of brand personalities and how they can “rub off” on their consumers. This is how the consumer perceives themselves after they use that brand. This article is important because it shows how a brand can affect the consumer. If a brand can capture a personality of a certain person, the more likely that person will stick with that brand. Brand loyalty is a very important aspect of marketing and can produce a lot of good for the brand. Even though this may seem natural, what if a consumer was to start using a new brand of products? Would their personality match the products they use or would their personality change based on the products themselves? This is an important concept to study because brands can understand how to market their products to certain people and how to capture new people they may not be included in the “personality” that their products give off. In this article one of the larger theories talked about is article are Self Theories. Two theories within this are Entity theory and Incremental Theory. Incremental theorists say that personal qualities can be changed through their own efforts. Conversely, Entity theorists say that their own personalities are “fixed” and cannot be improved through their own efforts. These two theories are very important to this article since we’re talking about personalities changing to fit to a product. In the two highlighted studies, both felt that they embodied characteristics of that brand of which they used. The article offers an example of what they’re talking about; A Cartier watch is associated with sophistication and a Timex watch is associated with ruggedness. The article says that consumers choose brands that appeal to their personalities in an attempt to affirm and enhance their sense of self. In the studies done in the article, Entity...
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