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“ Got Milk?”
1. You are the California Mike Processor Board (CMPB) and your advertising agency was the originator of the successful “got milk?” campaign. Now all milk producers, including your competition are using the same advertising. How might you establish points of difference from your competitors selling milk?

* Spread a new kind of portable packaged dairy beverage. It’s mainly made from milk but with fresh taste, which is distinguished from the pure milk. Also, it has many flavors, like peanut, almond, cashew nut, coffee, blueberry, banana, apple and other fruits. Expand “Got milk?” meaning, added it with “Got Milk Today?” and “Just Drinking Milk for Fun”.

* Switching consumers’ traditional concepts that “I should” to “I want”. The new message aims to remind customers the possibility of “drinking milk when you just want a drink” instead of regarding milk only as “a necessity with cereal”, ”an accompaniment with cookies and sandwiches” or “an ingredient in coffee, milkshakes and soup”.

* Launching a new campaign to persuade consumers that the new milk beverage can be drunk not only in the breakfast, but also in any occasions people want to have a drink. Also, this kind of new dairy drink is suitable for any age, not specific for the youth or children.

* Expand the distribution channels that consumers can easily access to this dairy beverage, especially in the restaurant, fast food chains, convenient stores, vender machine, etc.

2. Create your “brand image” of milk. What are the key associations of milk in the minds of consumers and how have you arrived at your answer?

* Our brand image is “Got Milk For Fun Today!”, which means consumers can drink this dairy beverage anytime and anywhere, when they want to drink something, as the same as they want to drink sodas, juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The new California dairy beverage is made from milk containing rich calcium and protein, which is healthier than...
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