Got Milk

Topics: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion, English-language films Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: November 28, 2011
“Got Milk?”
When you think of superman what comes to mind? Do you think of his ability to fly? Maybe, you think of his attractive face? Or possibly, you think of his rocking physique? Superman is a heroic icon known by people of all different types. They see him as a credible character that devotes his life to saving the damsels in distress. At one moment or another in most people’s lifetime, they dream to be the hero in some situation. They hope to be recognized for their good deeds and give credit to those that they look up to. Whether they be young or old, people do their best to imitate the actions of their icon, superman, every day. In this advertisement, the author is trying to get people to believe that in order to be like superman they have to drink milk.

The advertisement depicts superman floating high in the crystal blue sky surrounded by fluffy white clouds. Superman is made to be the center of this picture because he is enlarged compared to the background. Although his tights and the sky are a similar shade of blue, the bold red makes him stand out. Superman also makes a statement because of the body language he displays. In the midst of this calm and serene background superman stands with his arms crossed, looking powerful and bold with a milk mustache. Although he looks a little silly with the milk mustache he has a very serious look on his face. The underlying message is that if you want to be as powerful and strong as superman you have to get down to business and drink your milk.

In the depicted advertisement the author is trying to persuade everyday people by making it seem as though the only reason superman has strong bones is because he drinks milk. Although milk is said to be a great source of calcium, it may not be the only reason superman has strong bones.. The point of the advertisement is to make people think that if they drink milk they will feel great and have super strong bones like superman. The author makes it look as though...
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