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Topics: Jigsaw Killer, Saw, World Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: April 11, 2014

K- Money and her phone troubles

Once upon a time there was a girl named K. She was very young to know as much as she did. She was a very smart girl to come from such a small town. Ks parents didn't let her out much. She had to stay around the farm and work with the animals and clean the house. As she grew older,as she watched tv and saw all the things there are to see in the world. K wanted to get out and explore. There was no way to leave during the day. So one night she took out her dads boat and took off down the river. K had been down that river many times so was very experienced with were to go. She traveled until daylight. At that point she parked the boat on the bank and began to sit and text her friends to tell them what she was doing. A big boat came by and made huge waves. The huge waves made Ks boat move and her phone slung out of her hand. As smart as she was she knew there would be no point in trying to find or save the phone. So she took many items from the boat . Jumped off the boat and headed towards town. K had a few dollars on her so she stopped by the pawn shop to see if they had anything to make a phone with. Her luck they had everything she needed,plus more. K wasn't going to make just any phone though. Since her situation of dropping her phone in the water. She wanted it to be water proof,able to float and many more amazing things. K paid for everything she needed and headed to the park. She sat at a picnic table and began on her project. Nothing was going right, the parts weren't fitting and the wires weren't making any connections. After hours of configuration something finally turned out. K had designed a phone. A new phone. A phone that could change the world and the way people think about phones. She headed back to the river with her phone to get back on her boat. Shockingly when she got back her boat was gone. K didn't know what to do. For some odd...
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