Gospel of Wealth?

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31. Write your definition of the gospel of wealth. Do you agree with its assumptions? Why or Why not?

Money is wasted often. Of course, this is an opinionated statement. The people with less money will think that the people with more money, that are out buying cars for their dogs and phones for their babies, are wasting money. But then the richer people will see no harm done in their actions. They have more money where that came from, what’s the big deal? Andrew Carnegie wrote an essay called the “Gospel of Wealth” in 1889. It describes his idea of the responsibility of philanthropy (the love of man) by the people that acquired their wealth on their own, in their own generation. Carnegie believes that most heirs of large fortunes waste all of their money on personal desires rather than either using the money wisely or keeping it and adding more to it. He even believed that giving large sums of you money to charity was no good. How could you be sure that every penny of that donation was going to something good if you weren’t running the organization yourself? However, if the donation to charity were used to help set these people back on track, instead of just temporarily providing for them, then he would gladly give to charity because tis would benefit them and it would benefit the whole community in the end. I believe that a lot of people waste money all the time. Whether it was back when Carnegie wrote this essay, or whether we are talking about today’s times, money is wasted somehow on something. I do not, however, agree that most heirs waste the money that is left to them. I think, yes, some blow it off not really knowing what to do with it. But I would think that some, also being scared and not knowing what to do with it, probably won’t touch the money. Or if they do, they only will in small sums. Carnegie’s idea of not donating to charity is interesting. It makes me think about when I get aggravated while working

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