Gospel of John

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Gospel of John


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INTRODUCTION  Author  Date/Audience  Purpose for Writing  Key Characteristics  John & the Synoptics  Theme: “New Creation” CHAPTER 1  Prologue o Wisdom background o Connection with Genesis 1 o Connection with the rest of the Gospel of John o Explain the background behind each verse (vv.1-18)  John the Baptist (vv.19-34) o John & Elijah o Historical question concerning Pharisees o Spirit “remaining” on Jesus  Finding Jesus (vv.35-51) o “following” Jesus & discipleship o First words of Jesus o Descriptions of Jesus o Nathaniel and the fig tree o Son of Man & Jacob’s ladder (v.51)  “Three days” CHAPTER 2  Water to Wine o Relationship to Genesis 1-2 o Tie in to Mk. 2:19 o Relationship to Wisdom o Relationship to Johannine church o Theology of the story  Cleansing the Temple o Location in John o Relation to 1:51 o Theology of the story o What is adequate faith? (see 1:12; 2:23) CHAPTER 3  Nicodemus & Jesus’ response o “outside” insider? Relationship to 2:23-35. o Background of Nicodemus (7:50; 19:39)

Gospel of John

Midterm Review

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o Reasons to believe he is a negative character in John o Born again: water & spirit  Relationship to JB  Relationship to Johannine church o John 3:16 & “love for the world” o John 3:17 and condemnation CHAPTER 4  Woman at the well (vv.1-42) o “inside” outsider? o “must go through Samaria” (v.4) o Background to the story  Jew/Samaritan relationship  Male/female  Five husbands  Worship—Temple—Jerusalem vs. Gerazim o Water & food o Jesus called “savior” (v.39-42) by outsiders (Samaritans) CHAPTER 5  Healing on Sabbath (vv.1-14) o Verse 4 o Background for “work” forbidden on Sabbath o Theology of the story  Jesus testifies concerning Himself (vv.16-47) o Jesus’ relationship to God (v.18) o Realized eschatology/ Final eschatology o “Searching the Scriptures” (vv.37-40) CHAPTER 6  Feeding the Crowd (vv.1-15)...
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