Gospel Music

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Gospel Music in Different Ways
Being that the church is the cornerstone for gospel music, the songs adopted into hymnals sung by both choir and congregations passes form generation. The change in gospel music has effected today’s youth that have shown interest in the up beat sounds of gospel music. In reality these are the same hymnals and spirituals that were sung during slavery. The basics to gospel music have not changed at all. In the nineteenth century the first spirituals were recorded; this is where music has come from. The way the message is brought to the youth today is trough using jazzier beats and hip-hop tunes to get their attention.

From 1915 through 1925, many African American singers performed either at church or on stage, or even in movies, then Negro spirituals were traditional songs. However, in late 1930s, Sister Rosetta Tharpe sung gospel songs in a nightclub. This marked the start of singing Gospel songs in many kinds of places: churches, theaters concert halls. Minister, like James Cleveland, made tours with their chruses, in the United States and abroad. Gospel music was virtually ignored by white Christians and it was not until the twentieth century that denominational churches included gospel as a form of music. They were songs that should change lives and become part of the entire Christian experience.

In the 1920s, the Black Renaissance was an artist movement concerning poetry and music. Some composers arranged Negro spirituals in a new way, which was similar to the European classical music. The Black Renaissance had some influence on the way of singing and interpreting Negro spirituals first, the historical meaning of these songs was put forward. Then, singers were pushed to be more educated. Educators thought that Negro spirituals are musical pieces.

In 1922 an 18 year old young lady by the name of Wille Mae Ford Smith joined the family quartet, called the Ford Sisters. Their skill and powerful voices gave them an...
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