Gordon Rule

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SPC 1017
Prof. Cummings, Davina
Sergio Martinez

Gordon Rule

Chapter 4 Verbal Messages
The communication between people it is very important and necessary, but more important it is communicate in an appropriate way that make a strong and comfortable relationship. For instance, If you want that two person of a different culture, nature language and continents communicate in the appropriate way, would be necessary a common language. A language is system of symbols used by people to express and communicate thoughts, feelings and to compare and define thing as better or worse. Each language has a particular lexicon that it is a collection of words and expressions, also has a phonology that represent the sound used to pronounce words and for last syntax and grammar, the rules for combining words to form sentences and larger units of expression. Inside the language exist a dialect that is a unique form of a more general language spoken by a specific culture or co-culture. The smaller group that speak a common dialect are known as speech communities. No one dialect is better or worse than another, each of them uses different lexicons, phonologies, grammar and syntaxes. In addition, each of us uses our own personal symbol system called an idiolect, which includes our actives vocabularies and our unique sounds and pronunciation of words. The language has many characteristics, one of them it is arbitrary that means, the words are used to represent things in any language, it is not necessary a connection between the word and the meaning, it must be recognized and bring you an idea, feeling or particular object. The language also it is considerate abstract that represent the word given you an idea but don’t given you the answer, for example the word “pet” given you an idea that is and animal in the house but don’t give you exactly If it is a dog, cat, fish, bird or other animal. Like everything else, the language also changes over time, some words become obsolete because the thing they represent is no longer used. Actually exists a relationship between language and meaning, has different points semantics meaning is derived from the words themselves and how they are arranged into a sentences. The words can has different meanings or just one, If the word is directly is called denotation, but If the word given different meaning or it is associate with what you feel and your old own experiences is called connotation. A message related to its conversational context it is understanding as pragmatic meaning. Sometimes happen that we interact with someone who operates using different norms and that goes to depend of the culture or co-culture that receive the name of sociolinguistics. All this techniques are practical when a person used correctly, in personal speaking I used If I want established a strong and clearly communication with someone.

Chapter 5 Nonverbal Messages
Consists in all the messages that we send without words. To be more specifically they are sent by our body, voice, time, modify or contradict etc. This kind of message represents a big role in communication. Actually in general we use more nonverbal message than the actual verbal message. Are some suggestions to improve a better nonverbal message as well as accuracy when interpreting the message. Also use characteristics of the non-verbal communication to provide an unique information by emphasizing, substituting or contradicting a verbal message. We can make the sender continue, repeat, elaborate or hurry up and finish what the speaker is saying through shifts in eye contact, slight head movements or posture changes. Conveying and interpreting is a nonverbal challenge, for example the manager of store are more formally dressed than their employees. It is a challenge because the messages need to be accurately rooted in fundamental characteristic such as: nonverbal communication is inevitable. ¨we cannot communicate¨ is a...
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