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GoPro Brand Audit Part #2

This document audits the GoPro brand; it includes research which measures both quantitative and qualitative aspects of its current brand equity, a statement and analysis of its brand inventory, and a brand exploratory.

Chris Conery
Rachel Floyd                          
Zachary Marc
Elisa Philippon
Catherine Tanguay

A.  Introduction
B.    Brand Inventory- GoPro
     I.    Brand Elements
         Point-of-View Videography
     II.    Marketing Programs
     III.    Secondary Associations
C.     Brand Inventory- Drift
     I.     Elements
         Name, Logo, and Slogan
     II.    Marketing Strategies
D.    Brand Exploratory
     I.    Qualitative Research
         In-Depth Interviews
         Observational Research
         Internet Research
     II.    Quantitative Research
         Test for Recall
         Test for Recognition
E.    Brand Positioning
     I.    Brand Positioning and Values
     II.    Points of Differentiation and Points of Parity F.    Conclusion

Appendix is attached at end of document
 A.     Introduction
Nick Woodman (inventor of GoPro) discovered a problem in extreme sports: the inability for amateur athletes to document their adventures. Professional photographers are too expensive, nor can they keep up with athletes to properly record them, and professional cameras cannot get close enough to the action. Finally, other digital and disposable cameras do not have enough technology to capture quality images in the split second that they occur. Woodman began developing the idea for GoPro in 2002 while on a surf expedition in Australia; “that trip is what fired me up to come home and finally start GoPro to create "the invisible camera," a wearable camera so convenient that you forget you've got it on[1]”. Since then, the camera has been positioned as the most versatile camera in the world; that also captures professional quality video and photo.  This brand audit will investigate the underlying driver of GoPro’s brand equity in comparison to its main competitor, the Drift action camera, through a brand inventory, exploratory, and positioning analysis; exploring both internal and external analysis of GoPro. As a new company with products still in the introduction stage of their lifecycle, GoPro has been highly successful within the extreme sports market; however,  the brand lacks presence in the athletic sport segment and photography/videography segments. In this audit, we look to uncover the elements of GoPro’s success thus far, as well as investigate the reasons for the limited extent of its current market penetration, providing recommendations for an future expansion. B.     Brand Inventory- GoPro

I.       Brand Elements
GoPro uses five primary brand elements to build their brand around extreme sport athletics and extreme sport culture:name, logo, and slogan, and less conventional elements: point-of-view videography and audio. This section of the document discusses how current brand elements can be used, and manipulated, to penetrate new consumer market segments for potential growth of the brand. It is important to maintain that a strong brand element must be meaningful, transferable, likeable, memorable, adaptable, and protectable.                      Name

The name for GoPro comes intuitively from the passion for athletes to, at some point in their career, ‘go pro’. The name is meaningful for extreme sport goers, and is geographically transferable. Categorically, the name GoPro is transferable to the competitive athletic sport segment and photography/videography segment, who share the interest of ‘going pro’ with the extreme sport segment. To expand into new market segments, the name can...
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