Google Strategic Analysis

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Current Situation

It has been over six years since Google has gone public with an opening of $83 per share and over 19 million shares released. The stock topped over $600 per share in 2009. At the end of the 52-week period in 2010 the stock had dropped 4.7%. Google continues to grow at a rapid pace. Past purchases of YouTube and Postini as well as DoubleClick have secured its potential for future growth. While legal issues regarding the acquisition of personal information over Wi-Fi sources, the management team has moved quickly to remedy such issues.

Seen as a global leader in technology, Google continues to attract the highest rated applicants for employment in the fields of technology, marketing and operations. Its benefits and hiring practices continue to lead the technological employment field. In 2010, Google awarded each employee a $1000 bonus as well as a 10% raise.

Strategic Posture

Google’s mission, objectives, strategies and policies have remained constant since its inception in 1998.

Mission. Google’s mission was to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google aims to provide the most useful and accurate search results possible from the data and information given. No payment will be given in exchange for accurate data. Google will only provide relevant advertising. No advertising should interrupt the user’s visual experience and quest for relevant information.

Objectives. The corporate objectives of Google have been expressed in their 10-point philosophy. (1) “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” Google focuses on the user’s everyday lives and aspirations to present a tailored product. (2) “It’s best to do one thing really, really well.” Google aims to deliver the most accurate search results for its customers. (3) “Fast is better than slow.” Google delivers the fastest search results. (4) “Democracy on the web works.” Google relies on millions of people posting links and other useful information to achieve the goal of an abundance of user information. (5) “You don’t have to be at your desk to need an answer.” Google is continuously pioneering new ways to get data in mobile and ever developing forms. (6) “Make money without doing evil.” Google believes that advertising is what drives consumers to purchase. They use advertising to pay for everyday functions and do not accept money from pop ups and unscrupulous ventures. (7) “There’s always more information out there.” By integration of numerous databases and indexing of HTML, Google is constantly introducing the user to different and new forms of information. (8) “The need for information crosses all borders.” Google’s main mission is to transmit all of its data into every language and country around the world. (9) “You can be serious without a suit.” Google’s funders believe that work can be challenging as well as fun. (10) “Great just isn’t good enough.” Google’s core belief is that being great is not an end point, but merely a starting point and should be ever evolving.

Strategy. Google’s strategic plans for the future include the strengthening of the AdWords advertising brand. Google would like to broaden the Gmail system of email globally to streamline the user’s experience with their browsing habits. The company wishes to expand on the Google Docs and Google Apps for use in Educational applications to enhance student searching for relevant data in the classroom. Google looks to expand upon its mobile computing and telephone operations by securing more market share over competing brands. The company looks to secure a shopping venue in the near future to compete with Groupon and other smaller coupon based shopping websites.

Policy. Google’s management tries to keep their employees informed at all times of the day-to-day operations. They keep 100% transparent in their workings to make sure employees know about all announcements and new products and applications. They maintain...
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