Google Organizational Culture

Topics: Management, Organizational structure, Bureaucracy Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Exam case “Keeping Google “Googley”

Assignment questions:

1. Evaluate Google’ organizational structure. What is its type? How do you think, does this structure fit Google’ organizational strategy? Provide your answer with arguments. Do you think that some improvements of organizational structure are needed? Why? What kind of changes should be done to for this structure to be more effective?

Based on the read case I would say that Google utilizes matrix form of organizational structure which is thought to be a hybrid of divisional and functional structures. In Google senior executives are organized by functions, e.g. engineering, product management, product marketing, sales, finance etc. this made all the products in the company to be managed by teams with the manager at the head. This organization structure helps Google to assign manager for a particular product or project and manage a team of employees who are working to achieve specific metrics. The main advantage of the matrix organizational structure in Google is that the existence of a manager of a major functions keeps the focus on the product or project that is being developed. There was no micromanaging in the company. Product/project managers played a role of mentors rather than manager which gave flexibly and an opportunity to employees on their own to figure out the best way to do a work.

2. Provide detailed analysis of Google’ organizational culture. Use any model or typology to asses the main elements of this culture. What elements of Google’ organizational culture support Google’s strategy, what elements can limit or have negative effects on the company’s development? How Google should overcome it?

To analyze Google`s organizational culture I would like to use Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn (1999) model. Based on the Competing Values Framework developed by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn I assign Adhocracy culture type to Google which is characterized by...
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