Google, Microsoft & Apple

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Operating system, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Google failures.
In competition with Yahoo! Answers, Google created Google Answers a program which goal was to answer all kind of questions users could have. The program counted with a team of researchers guaranteeing correct, quality answers, despite this, users favored Yahoo!’s. WHY?

First mistake Google made was charging clients for posts. People didn’t want to pay when they could use Yahoo, which is totally free, although their answers don’t have the same quality as the ones Google offered. Mistake number two was its surplus of notifications, even after questions had been answered. So, in our opinion Google should have not charged clients for the answers and maybe offer less guarantees of a really good answer, just as Yahoo! does, it would have probably worked since Google has more users than Yahoo! does. GOOGLE VIDEO.

Unlike Answers, Google Video is still in existence, it’s initial goal was to tackle YouTube, but it has failed to match the video webpage in popularity and has since settled for buying out the site and advertising on its sidelines. Due to this, Google bought Youtube for 1.650 million dollars. In our opinion, Google made the right choice by buying Youtube since this webpage popularity is huge and really difficult to overcome, even for Google, which is probably one of the webpages with the most visits nowadays. Google successful programs

It is no secret that Google is far and away the most successful search engine in the world. They provide the best search results for their users since they are constantly updating their search algorithm to ensure that when you search for something you will get the best results. They invest a lot in technology, more than any other search engine, and they have actually figured out a way to make money with this. Basically, they have built one of the best known brands in the world. Google is not just a company name it is now a verb that is used synonymously with a web...
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