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Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Web hosting service Pages: 6 (2210 words) Published: April 11, 2007
It is possible to get all kinds of information from the computer with the internet technology. People around the world have access to computer and the ability to connect to remote stations located in any geographic region. Internet is available in schools, public libraries, learning centers and is free of cost to the users. If someone wants to obtain any sort of information about anything that ever existed in this world there is always some kind of information found on internet which presents it in a short form through a website. Reading a whole book about a subject can be time consuming so it is much easier to dig the internet to look for a summarized form of the material. By doing this time is saved and a variety of other sources are discovered. The websites contain information about various institutions, news services, online business, commercial products and information on many other sectors . People wonder how this amazing technology achieved the capability to provide us with the bulk of information. The logic behind this is not that difficult to understand. When someone tries to get information about a topic, by typing the word on the search engine , the list of web pages appears on the screen that contain the required online content as requested . These web pages are stored on thousands of web servers that are maintained by web hosting companies . Many search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves have their own servers located all around the world in data distribution centers. For example, According to Google company information website , the company has more than four hundred and fifty thousand servers in Germany, England and other European countries. There is a common misconception that search engine stores the website. In reality search engine searches the web pages stored on servers and presents them on computer screens within seconds. The internet information provider industry business has experienced tremendous growth over the years and the companies made profit in billions mainly by advertising and software development.

Issues and Trends

To link all these internet machines together is a complex task. Most of these machines operate by their own software coding done in many different languages. The most commonly used are C, C++, Html, Java , ASP type of Languages for client server programming and web page designs. With the passage of time new languages evolve and new protocols are coded into these systems so that they run smoothly and efficiently. Companies focus on saving time that it takes to connect these machines together for a free flow of information. This helps them to gain competitive advantage in the industry. Lately a new language called Ruby on rails was introduced for web designing. The task of creating highly sophisticated web sites that used to take months was reduced to just a few days. Rails is the platform which supports this new language. Many software companies availed the oppurtunity and came forward to support the web hosting industry in making use of the new technology. Companies like Swoft, EV1 , Go Daddy announced that they will merge with other companies to start working on different projects relative to the new technology. IPower announced its support to the web host industry. Microsoft arranged a meeting on May 2006 where professionals from all around the world took part to learn the new language and its capabilities. A famous Web hosting company ModernGigabyte created a new software version compatible with the rails platform. They further announced their partnership with search engine Giant Google . The company conducted training sessions and discussed their future plans .

In June Enom a domain registrar company offered its support to Demand Media. A domain registrar company is one which provides a domain name for URL address. most companies require a domain name for their...
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