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Topics: Google, Google search, Human resource management Pages: 25 (8288 words) Published: May 3, 2013
MBA Program
Unit Code:ORM-1303
Unit Details: Organizational Resource Management (ORM)
Instructor/Assessor’s Name: Shakir Jacob
Assignment Title: Assignment ORM| Assignment is Part or Full Assessment of Unit? Full AssessmentTask 1 and Task 2| Student Full Name: KAMBALA GOVARDHANA NAGA GANGADHARA RAO| Centre:Sharjah| Westford Student ID:| ABP Student ID:|

Date Assignment Issued:12 April 13| Date Assignment Due :19 April 13 for task 1,26 Apr 13 for task 2| Internally Verified by:| Date Actually Submitted:|

Learning Outcomes|
1 Understand the role of human resource management in supporting business strategy2 Know how to develop human resources in organisations3 Understand the role of marketing in supporting business strategy4 Understand the role of information systems management in supporting business strategy|

Organisational Resource Management

Case study

I confirm that this is my own work and that I have not plagiarized any part of it. I have also noted the assessment criteria and pass mark. I declare that the work I am submitting for assessment contains no sections copied in whole or part from any other sources, unless it is explicitly identified by means of quotation mark or in the case of very long quotations, by means of wholly indented paragraphs. I declare that I have also acknowledged such quotations by providing detailed reference as in an approved format. I understand that unidentified and un-referenced copying both constitutes plagiarism which is a very serious offence. -------------------------------------------------

Learner’s signature___________________ Date: / / In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes of the Unit. The Assessment Criteria determine the standard required to achieve the Unit.| | Learning Outcomes| Assessment Criteria to Test Outcomes| Question/Task Testing the Criteria| Faculty Remarks| Faculty Remarks(01 may 13)| Understand the role of human resource management in supporting business strategyKnow how to developHR in a organization| TASK 11.1 Evaluate how human resourcemanagement contributes tothe achievement oforganisational objectives1.2 Evaluate the role of humanresource management withinan organization1.3 Appraise the processes thatan organisation uses to planits human resourcerequirements| 1/1.12/1.23/1.3| AC 1.1 partially metAC 1.2 MetAC 1.3 Not Met| AC 1.3 Not Met| | 1|    4/2.15/2.2| | |

| 2.1 Evaluate the recruitment andretention strategies used in anorganization2.2 Assess the techniques that areused for employeedevelopment in an organization2.3 Evaluate the contribution ofhuman resource developmenttechniques in ensuringemployee engagement2.4 Analyse the effectiveness ofhuman resource managementstrategies in supportingorganisational strategy|  6/2.37/2.4 | AC 2.1 metAC 2.2 Not metAC 2.3 Not MetAC 2.4 Met| AC 2.2 MetAC 2.3 Met| Understand the role of marketing in supporting business strategy    | TASK 2|  | 1.Please redo AC 1.3,2.2 and 2.32.The present remarks are not to be removed/amended.3.Add your answers below each respective question ie below 1.3,2.2 and 2.34. may suggest to write answers in your own words.Ideas can be taken and explained.Incase you are writing verbatum do mention the details of references as per Harvard referencing system | 1.Please redo AC 1.32. DO NOT REMOVE THE COMMENTS.Redo AC 1.3 and send back with all the previous comments by 04 may 13| | 3.1 Evaluate how marketingactivities contribute to theachievement of organisationalobjectives3.2 Evaluate the role of marketingoperations within anorganization3.3 Appraise the processes that anorganisation uses to develop itsmarkets| 1/3.12/3.23/3.3| | | | |   | | |

| | | |...
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