Google Hit with Job Discrimination Lawsuit: Case Analysis

Topics: Discrimination, Racial discrimination, Google Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Exam Case Study Analysis
„Google Hit with Job Discrimination Lawsuit“
1. Beief description of the situation.Christina Elwell was the national sales director for Google in 2003. In April 2004 she informed her supervisor, Timothy Armstrong, that she bad become pregneat with quadruplets. By May she felt she was being discriminated against and filed a lawsuit with the US district court in New York. She felt this way due to the following instances:According to the lawsuit Armstrong was concerned about Elwells ability to travel due to the complications with the pregnancy. That May he allegedly showed Elwell an organizational chart where her position was deleted. He then asked her to accept another position in the operations department. Elwell felt this job would be a demotuion and that it doesnt require any of her skills she gained with 15 years sales expericnce. Elwell then suggested she change from a national sales director to a regional one. This proposal was rejected and a salesman Elwell had trained, who had no internet sales expericnce was appointed as the regional sales director. "Armstrong called Elwell into his office and told her that she was an HR nightmare and that he no longer wanted her in the New York office," according to the lawsuit. Armstrong noted he had heard Elwell had been telling co workers she feels she is being treated this way becaouse of the pregnancy. The next day Elwell was fired over the phone.In June Elwell meet with HR to discuss her severance package. There Google executive Shona Brown offered to reinstate Elwell to the operations position. HR director Stacy Sullivan later contacted Elwell and told her she had been terminated improperly. Elwell accepted the operations position.Two days after Elwell's return to work on July 19, she was ordered by doctors to "remain out of work due to the stressful circumstances created by Google and Armstrong, which were putting her already high-risk pregnancy at further risk." Elwell went on...
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