Google Globalization

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Google- globalization and ethics

Google- globalization and ethics
Google has a basic out-look on ethics. If it would look bad on a front page of a paper or headline news do not do it. This is the basis of a multi-page code of ethics that the company Google strives to support and live by. They have adopted the mantra “don’t be evil.” The company expects employees to follow and know the code of ethics. Google ethics code is broken up into sections, first is serving the user. Users deserve integrity, usefulness, freedom of expression and privacy, and responsiveness. Google believes that the reputation of the company needs to be one where users can trust their most valuable information with the company knowing they are safe. Google wants all aspects of their site to be useful for all users. Next is to make sure all employee relations are free from discrimination and conflict. Respect each other in the work environment; keep Google a place where all employees are comfortable and safe. Google also has a dog policy; yes the K-9 family also has a place in Google. The employees are to avoid conflicts of interest, preserve confidentiality, protect Google’s assets, ensure financial integrity and responsibility, and last always obey the law. Google has a good reputation with their employees along with their benefits. They have to conserve the company resources and protect all the information in order to maintain that integrity. Google wants to strive to be a “different kind of company” (April 2009 pg 1) they do this with in the company for the employees and for the users all over the world. Google started its global friendly attitude when they introduced Google in a variety of languages in 2000. The United States is the leader globalization; Google started its “Gone Google” marketing program. In 2009 “Gone Google” was a way for Google to hear from consumers who switched to Google aps and took “Tweeted” responses of likes and uses, and put those in the...

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