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Topics: Glasses, Ubiquitous computing, Facial recognition system Pages: 4 (992 words) Published: October 7, 2014
Google Glass: Wearable Technology to the Next Level
Google glass is a type of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD). It was developed by Google with a goal of producing mass-market ubiquitous computers. It looks like a pair of eyeglasses, except, the lens of the Google glass is a user-interactive display and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It was primarily designed to take phone calls, send texts, take photos and videos and deliver search results. Google glass also supports natural language voice commands. In this paper, we will see the internal working and modeling of the Google glass. Also in this paper we will see the different advantages and disadvantages that Google Glass possesses. Keywords: Google Glass, Glasses, Wearable, Wearable Technology. Introduction

The idea of having everything you need in the blink of an eye has been talk for centuries. The idea of having a device that is able to provide all of those services is becoming all too real in this year. The product Google Glass is expected to hit the consumer market relatively soon. Google Glass will be the equivalent of a smartphone, although it will be integrated into a type of eye wear the user can wear.  Electronics News describes Google Glass as being “the latest addition to the emerging field of “ubiquitous computing” (UC) and is designed to fit comfortably into people’s lives.” (Tuffley, 2013) The idea of Google Glass gives numerous potential benefits.

Fig.1 Google Glass
This product raises a few social and ethical concerns, but with further research will be able to hit the market, As of Fall 2014 plans for a general consumer release. Some discussion has centered on the market fit for Glass, suggested it is less a consumer product and more of a business product. Working

The device will probably communicate with mobile phones through Wi-Fi and display contents on the video screen as well as respond to the voice commands of the user. Google...

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