Google Glass in Education

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Google Glass in Education
Assistant Professor
Education Wing - DDE
Annamalai University
Google Glass increases the flexibility of delivery of education so that learners can access knowledge anytime and from anywhere. It can influence the way students are taught and how they learn as now the processes are learner driven and not by teachers. This in turn would better prepare the learners for lifelong learning as well as to improve the quality of learning.

Innovations in education has always been a little stagnant, while we see new inventions and developments in all other fields, educational innovations are very less. People have always stuck with the known, tried, tested and traditional methods in case of education. But recently, we’ve seen a boom in this field too. More and more people are now paying attention to the almost obsolete methods of teaching and striving to make some development in the educational system.

Google Glass
Google Glass is a small device tacked onto a pair of glasses. Google Glass lets you record what you’re seeing, view a heads-up display of information and has a touch pad on the right side of the glasses. That touch screen is one of the ways you control your pair of Glass. The other way is by verbal commands like “OK Glass” and that sort of thing. Google has always been known for innovations in almost every area they could get their hands onto, and it is launching its flagship product ‘Google Glass’. Google Glass is touted as the next big thing in portable technology. Poised as an eyewear and doing a plethora of things which don’t require any taps or navigation, it responds instead to voice commands, taking pictures with a wink, taking commands for search, share content, video recording, detect objects in front of you and look up related information like directions or maps. etc. The possibilities are endless though among all the possible consumers of Google Glass,

the device has the potential to bring exciting new possibilities to teachers and students alike.
The Potential of Google Glass
A little more about the technology: Glass is a wearable computer, worn on the head like a pair of glasses and operated through voice commands and touch. The screen sits above the right eye within a transparent plastic enclosure. Also attached to this device are a camera for taking photos and video, and an earpiece that records your voice and transmits audio through the skull. Additionally, the device allows for easy sharing of videos and photos via Google+, Tumbler, Face book, and Twitter. The user can also send voiceto-text instant messages and emails, as well as send or receive phone calls. The device accesses the network via Wi-Fi or by setting up a personal hotspot on Androids and iPhones.

Google Glass in Education
Google Glass has the potential to bring new possibilities to educators and students. Probably, Google Glass is a new educational tool that allows using actions, such as “Search”, "Take a picture", "Record a video", “Translate” and other for integrating into teaching and learning activities. Successful implementation of new technology in education depends on many circumstances. We need to understand how Google Glass can change teaching and learning. Google Glass will allow the student / teacher to stay connected to an interactive environment featuring online tools all the time. This could pave way to a leap into the future of educational system.

 Teachers as well as students can refer to topics related to their studies on the go. No fiddling through phones in the middle of the lecture.
 Students can record their lectures in real-time for future reference. The time saved on scribbling notes could be remarkable.

 Google Glass can help students to create visually rich presentations. Students can shoot relevant videos and images with a wink. The same can be integrated onto their presentations via Google docs.


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