Google Executive Summary

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Overview: Background and History
* Founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998
* Started out as algorithm idea at Stanford University * Raised $1 million from angel investors
* 1999- Idea into a Company
* Moved headquarters to Mountain View California; dubbed “Googleplex” * 2000- Partnered with Yahoo and AOL
* Responding to 100 million searches a day
* Introduced AdWords, advertising program
* Enabled Google to make money
* 2001- Google is profitable
* 2002- Generated $440 million in revenue
* 2005- Share price at $414
* Giving Google $123 billion equity market value
* 2004-2005- Google grows though innovations and additions to company: * Google Book Search, Google Finance, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Mobile * 2007- Attracting 587.8 million users/month

62.4% market share


Competitive Analysis
In analyzing the environmental and competitive components of Google, we have chosen to perform a SWOT analysis, addressing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats Google experiences within its industry: * Strengths

Google has a strong brand image and value throughout the internet. Employees and customers remain loyal to the company and investors remain confident that Google will continue to expand and revenue will grow. In 2009, Google became the world’s first $100 billion brand. Google also makes up 62.9% of the market share of search engines with the next closest competitor being Yahoo at 16.8%. This accounts for Google’s huge boost in revenue over recent years. Google’s infrastructure gives in a competitive advantage. They have a portfolio of websites which created 66% of total revenue for 2008. The software resources within the Google corporation are substantial while the cost is fairly low. * Weaknesses

Google’s main weakness within the company is the lack of product integration. While Google does offer many diverse services, but they seem to have little in common with each other. Because the new products are not integrated, they are difficult for users to find and utilize. * Opportunities

New “.com” and “.net” websites are constantly developing throughout the internet. The number of new domain names, or websites, grew 16% from 2007 to 2008. This gives Google a good opportunity to further expand their advertising and search services as well as provides opportunity for future growth as the internet continually grows. As more mobile devices, such as cell phones, become equipped to handle wireless internet and higher bandwidth, the mobile advertisement market will grow. Google can take advantage of this growth as they have and will continue to offer mobile services, including the newly developed Android market, which allows users to create applications for mobile devices. * Threats

In the future, Google could face a lot of competition as more companies seek to provide services similar to Google’s. Google faces competition from typical forms of media advertisement as well as other internet advertising companies. Google has incorporated communication tools into their website, similar to those provided by Microsoft office which forces it to compete with the already well established Microsoft Corporation. Yahoo is also a top competitor because of its more integrated product approach. As with any other international company, Google faces threats due to foreign exchange risks. Revenue is impacted as foreign currencies fluctuate with the US dollar. Google also faces threats from the unstable economy. Companies are less willing to spend money on advertisement when they need to use those funds to stay afloat. Revenue is lost when companies choose not to advertise with Google, which is the main source of profit for the company.

Entrepreneurial Resources Evaluations
When evaluating Google’s entrepreneurial resources, one that has helped the company to...
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