Google: Culture and Communication

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Culture and Communication

Victor L. Henry

COM/530 Communications for Accountants

June 7, 2010

Carmen Andia

Google is the leader in providing multiple forms of data access on the Internet. Information for many sources can be found at the click of a mouse. To archive and disseminate information, Google maintains an open organizational culture that allows sharing of data within the company to be quick, easy, and concise. Even when communication conflicts arise within the company, value can be derived from the different points of view. Varied opinions allow companies to have a broad prospective of a product or service’s plausibility in the market place. The Google cultural and communication platform aligns with the company’s vision to provide world wide data resources.

Culture and Communication
Google has become the top search engine in the world. It is used so much that the word “Google” is not only a noun, a person place or thing for those who can’t recall those days in grammar school. But also a verb, a word that conveys action or a state of being, like Xerox means “to copy.” Obviously the preverbal bar has been set. Ironically, Google is fighting in the courts to keep its name out of the dictionary, much as Xerox fights to keep its name from being used as an equivalent to photocopying. The legal argument is as the name becomes more commonly used, it becomes less of a brand, detracting from its proprietary nature. Google has also spawned products, projects, concepts, and imitations galore. It is safe to say that Google is not just an Internet search engine but has become something of a phenomenon (Searcher; June 2004 Vol.12 Issue 6, p.26-32).

So in analyzing the statement, we find that it is possible that Google has reached its stated mission and provided the masses “Googols” of information and data. Google is a "A multilingual Internet search engine that indexes and caches pages on the World Wide Web.” So not only is there...
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