Google Case study

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Google Case Study

Where would our world be without Google? I think that we have no idea just how many times a day we rely on Google to give us an answer. As a student the constant asking where to find information. Consumers that enjoy watching YouTube are also supporting Google. I know that with attending school online I tend to use Google frequently. I also use YouTube to explain something more in depth to me if I am not understanding something. Every single day millions of people are using this search engine. Personally, I prefer it to other search engines, maybe because they have been around so long, or maybe because I usually find what I need when I search for something. It is very easy to use and seems to be very efficient. Google is such a unique company. In 1996, when the company was created by two students from Stanford, there was nothing else like it. The idea that searching the relationship between websites was far more effective than the number of times a key term was used. From this idea Google was born. In 2000 the website was big enough to move from their dorm rooms to an office. They started selling advertising to companies and therefore started making a profit. Companies were allowed to pay by “click”, or how many times an ad was viewed. Google was originally called googol. This was a math term for 100 zeros after one. Making this known that the search engine had an immense amount of information available. They then changed it to Google. Google is so widely known that it is considered “the world’s most powerful brand.”Google employs more than 20,000 people and generates revenue of more than 21 billion in annual revenues. That is a very large company! It is crazy to think that all of this started in a dorm room. Google has adopted some philosophies over the years. One big idea is that there is always more information out there. This may be the biggest force driving the company. Without that theory Google would have...

Kerin, R. Hartley, S. Rudelius, W. Marketing Eleventh Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
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