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Google is a unites states multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing and software. Google was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin in 1996 as a research project while they were PhD. students at Stanford university. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. Google moved to its new headquarters in Mountain view, California, nicknamed Googleplex. Rapid growth since incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions and partnerships beyond Google's core search engine. It offers online productivity software including email(Gmail),a cloud storage service (Google Drive),an office suite(Google Docs) and a social networking service (Google+). Desktop products include applications for web browsing, organising, editing photos and instant messaging. The company leads the development of the Android mobile operating system and the browser-only Chrome OS. Google has moved to communications hardware. It partners with major electronics manufactures. In the production of its "high-quality low-cost" Nexus devices was launched in may 2012. The corporation has estimated to run more than one million servers in data centres around the world in 2007. In December 2013 Alexa listed as the most visited website in the world. Google sites is available in many languages also. Google owned sites such as You Tune and Blogger. GOOGLE MISSION:

Google actual Mission statement is " to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". In 2012 the company's co-founder Sergey Brin Mission statement " Our mission is to use technology to change world for the better" GOOGLE VISSION:

Google is also branching into other fields as well such as the famous Google cars that operates on their own. This is part of Google's Vision for a future where cars drive themselves and people can participate in more productive activities during their commutes. The site Google+ is part of Google's Vision for social media that is integrated into phones and every other part of life. The Google Chrome web browser is part of the company's vision of a more open market for web browser add-ons. ORGANISATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY:

Our business organisation and corporate Development team work on global, cross-functional projects that are that the heart of what we do at Google. These team deliver insights to our leaders that drive decision-making, execution and investments for some of Google's most critical initatitives. This requires an analytical savvy, a problem solving sophistication and a drive to make a highest possible impact you thrive in a fast placed environment that calls for you to be resourceful and think on your feet EXTERNAL ANALYSIS:

Political stability
Risk of military invasion
Legal framework for contract enforcement
Intellectual property protection
Trade regulation & tariffs
Favoured trading partners
Anti-trust laws
pricing regulations
Taxation, tax rates and incentives
Economic Analysis:
Type of economic system in countries of operation
Government intervention in the free market
comparative advantages of host country
Exchange rates & stability of host country currency
Efficiency of financial markets
Infrastructure quality
Skill level of workforce
Social Analysis:
Class structure
Entrepreneurial spirit
Leisure interests
Technological Analysis:
Recent technological developments
Technology's impact on product offering
Impact on cost structure
Impact on value chain structure
Rate of technological diffusion

Google SWOT analysis 2013
1. Open source products and services
2. Quality and customer experience are the primary objects
3. Financial situation
4. Access to the widest group of internet...
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