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Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for your Internet Experience

1.Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Although they have different business models and strategies, Apple, Google and Microsoft are three major companies who seek to dominate the internet user’s experience. They come to the platform with their own proprietary strengths. In looking at business models, Apple’s business model focuses on the consumer and bringing them a personalized web experience through their hardware (iPads, iPhones, iPods and iMacs), their two major OS systems: Mac OS X and iOS, and through the internet. Although their model limits what type of software customers can access, they offer over 250,000 apps through their iOS app store. Next, with their browser and search engine, Google centers on advertising and democratizing information where they gain most of their profits. Through the companies Android platform they are increasing their market shares into the mobile market. Google seeks a market of open nonproprietary platforms where consumer can freely surf the web and openly enjoy the innovation of apps across devices. Finally, Microsoft business model concentrates on creating user-friendly operating systems, which 95% of all computers use. They have worked to make technology accessible to everyone. However, they are moving towards services and breaking into the search advertising market. Likewise, in the struggle to dominate new technology, these three internet titans come with their own strengths backing them.

Its mobile devices, such as the iPhone and tablets, the iOS and Mac OS X are at the core of Apple’s strengths. In addition, they manufacture their hardware, run devices with their own software, and retail their own products. These devices have become very popular with iPhone bringing in 30% of the company’s revenue. Consumers must use iTunes and the App Store for the functionality of their devices. Their closed...
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