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By: Omura

MGMT 361: Human Resource Management
July 15, 2012
Professor A.E. Cogdill

Company profile: Google Inc. - Mountain View, CA.
Google, the easiest number one ranked search engine in the world, posted earnings for 2011 was nearly 38 billion dollars. They have over 33,000 employees in 70 offices through 40 countries. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since its invention in 1998, Google has invented 45 programs in eight areas to help businesses, as well as the everyday internet searcher. Google has won the Webby Award, the award given to the industries best technology achievement and the Webby People’s Voice Award, the award voted on by 134,000 internet users.

Focus: Quality of Life Programs

Google offers excellent Quality of Life programs for its employees. Since its inception, Google has improved its Quality of Life programs. Many of the initiatives have made it easier for families to focus on improvement of their workers to improved parenthood and a new parent support program. To help improve the health of their members, Google has added an on-site gym, free healthy meal choices and on-site doctors. The full list of work-life benefits are listed below:

* Five on-site physicians and nurses
* Convenient medical services
* Comprehensive health care coverage
* Travel insurance and emergency assistance
* New family time-off
* New family expenses
* $8,000 college course reimbursement
* Free legal advice
* 401(k) retirement plan- allows employees to contribute up to 60 percent of their eligible compensation to the plan and makes a matching contribution of up to $2,200 per year. * Standard life and disability insurance

* Dental and vision care benefits.
* $5,000 in adoption assistance
* $2,000 bonus for successful recruitment
* On-site gyms, swimming pools, spas, and volleyball and basketball courts * Employee’s dry cleaning and a coin-free laundromat
* Car wash and oil change while at work
* Hair salons
* Massages
* Language classes
* Financial planning seminars
* A concierge to book dinner reservations
* Meditation hours with Tibetan monks
* Wi-Fi enabled commuter shuttles
* $5,000 towards purchase of a hybrid car
* Sleeping pods

While these amenities creates a positive environment for its employees, with a lot of task being taking care of for them, this promotes for an employee to spend more time at work. When more workers spend more time at work, they spend less time at home with their family. When the family home suffers, employees may become distracted or detached from their work. When an employee cannot focus on his or her work, the company loses; which can have an effect on the final product for its customer.

Focus: Legal Context of Employment
Google uses the motto of “Don’t Be Evil” as the basis for its Code of Conduct. This motto starts with the way that they provide a better and faster web page to how they expect their employees to work. The expectations of the employees and contractors to maintain a work environment that is drug free, safe and promotes equal opportunity would foster a positive environment.

Google offers a snapshot of its Code of Conduct on its website for future employees. A complete copy can be found on the company’s intranet server.

Listed below are policies that were found on their website.
* Serve Our Users
* Integrity
* Usefulness
* Privacy, Security and Freedom of Expression
* Responsiveness
* Take Action
* Respect Each Other
* Equal Opportunity Employment
* Positive Environment
* Drugs and Alcohol
* Safe Workplace
* Dog Policy
* Avoid Conflicts of Interest
* Personal Investments
* Outside Employment, Advisory Roles, Board Seats and Starting Your...
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