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Google In.
Issue Identification
Google Inc. was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Over the years, Google Inc. has grown to be the world’s most popular web search engine. The company was in 15 language versions of by 2000. In 2010, the company became a global leader in technology. The company focuses on internet search engines and related advertising services. Their mission was to organize the world’s information for users to access universally. They retain a main position of websites and other online content which users could have ability to find information quickly and easily through its search engine. Google’s revenues are primarily by delivering online advertising. Google’s 97% of the revenue is provided from advertisers. Their position and popularity make huge profits on advertising and it has also influenced across the online world. However, in this case, the Google’s top management discovered that they had formidable competition, legal and regulatory issues, international risk, internet security issues, revenue growth, and technology issues which would affect their future growth in 2010. The purpose of this case analysis is to decide the future directions of their company which they need to avoid these issues in order to improve their current situations.

Stakeholders Analysis and Management Evaluation
The goal of Google’s operation management is to make stakeholder benefit. The job of management is to ensure the continued operating of the firm and satisfy their stakeholder. The company could increase market share to satisfy their stakeholders. For instance stakeholder analysis and management evaluation, the stakeholders are the shareholders, the employees, customers, suppliers and community. They can make the company’s major decisions or are affected by these decisions. The internal stakeholders of Google are shareholders and employees, and the external stakeholders are users, advertisers, Google Network members and Other...
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