Google's Country Experiences: France, Germany, Japan

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Case Analysis 2 – Google’s Country Experiences: France, Germany, Japan
Google has run into many different issues in trying to expand itself internationally in an effort to increase its market share. Google has been viewed by many countries as a threat to their cultural values and norms. Many people feel that by allowing Google to have free reign in their countries will allow them to impose the Anglo-Saxon outlook on a variety of different topics, like history, pop-culture, and even fashion. Many European and Asian countries are combating Google a few different ways to ensure that their culture is not diluted by American society. The most popular by far has been the creation of a local search engine within the country, many times funded by the local government which controls and regulates the search engine as it sees necessary. In France, they attempted to set up a local search engine called Quaero, in conjunction with Germany in order to deter people from using Google. Germany attempted creating it’s own search engine called Theseus when the country backed out of the joint search engine with France. Even Japan launched what they deemed The Grand Voyage Project in an effort to create a proprietary search and information retrieval functions.

Google’s overseas endeavors have been unsettling at best thus far. They have spent more money in foreign court the past few years that they would have liked, disputing issues like copyright infringement, trademark counterfeiting, and censorship issues. Going forward, Google must gather more information regarding a foreign market they may be interested in tapping into in the future. With the proper research and analysis, Google can avoid many of the issues it has run into the past few years. Google in France

• Google France is currently the most visited website in France, with 10.38% of all French Internet visits. • Facebook is the second most visited website in France, accounting for 6.83% of all French Internet visits, over twice as many visits as YouTube (a Google owned endeavor). • As far as termed searched goes in order of popularity, YouTube is at number 4 and at number 7. • Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) is the third most visited website and the most popular webmail service, more popular than Google based Gmail. • Search Engines in general are the most popular website type, accounting for 14.27% of all French Internet visits. Google in Germany

• Germany is home to roughly about 62 million internet users which ranks 6th in the world. • Germany is also home to about 22 million different internet hosts, which is ranked 4th in the world. • Google is the 7th most popular website in Germany, but is the most popular search engine. • The local search engine, Theseus, is ranked 2nd in the country behind Google in terms of popularity. • Gmail does not exist in Germany because of a lawsuit filed, it is instead known as GoogleMail. Google in Japan

• Yahoo is the most popular website visited in Japan, Google is ranked 4th. • After the United States, Japan is YouTube’s biggest market. Google is working with several companies in Japan to boost its presence there. • The Japanese account for 7.1% of total internet usage in the world, which ranks 3rd amongst all nations. • In 2007, the Japanese government began censoring web content in its country, which affected Google’s advertising and web marketing campaigns. • The number of Internet users in Japan reached 90 million for the first time in 2008, which is 75.3 percent of the current population, and up from just 31% percent in 2001. Of these users, 82.5% say they access the Internet from computers, 75% say they access it from their cell phones, and 5.7% say they access it from game consoles.

Facts about Google
• Google started as a research project at Stanford University, created by Ph.D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were 24 years old and...
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