Goodnight Mr Tom

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Goodnight Mister Tom
Character work
1. Mr. Tom Oakley has been a cross recluse for years. What has caused him to be that way? Do recluses usually have a reason for their behaviour?
In my opinion, the main reason about Mr. Tom’s reclusive behaviour revolves around the death of his wife Rachel and his young son. The loss greatly influenced him, resulting in him feeling sad and confused about the meaning of life, and he became known not to participate in community activities. Mr. Tom is described by Zach as withdrawn and: ‘’a person who keeps himself to himself.’’
Mr. Tom’s wife had provided him with needed company, love, and friendship, hence her passing away would have been a major loss to him and he would have no one to relate his problems to. This is probably what caused him to be the way he is, and the reason why he developed such a close relationship/bond to Sammy the dog, who played a key role in the story as he helped Tom locate William in London. When Mr. Tom realized Willie had an interest in painting it also helped bond them, because his wife also liked painting.
In addition to the above, I think that as people grow older they tend to become more withdrawn and isolated as their mind slows down, their bones deteriorate and they become less active overall.
Yes, I do believe recluses have a logical reason for their behaviour. These people are often so caught up in their own problems that they withdraw from socializing with others and try and help themselves instead. Reclusive people are often victims of mental illness, violent pasts/childhoods, depression and major loss in their lives. Such people, just like Mr. Tom, will of course result to this kind of behaviour when faced with difficult circumstances and situations and they cannot help or change their actions. A sane person would not purposely try and feel sad and reclusive because it naturally feels better to be happy and to socialize with others. Therefore this is why I believe recluses

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