Goodnight Mr Tom

Topics: Love, Goodnight Mister Tom, Scar Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian, is set in a small village during the Blitz, and explores the lives of child evacuee William Beech, and his guardian Mr Tom Oakley. The novel exhibits themes of patience, love, community, and in particular, healing. It is primarily Mr Tom’s love which assists in Willie’s emotional and physical healing. Mr Tom aids him in overcoming his fears and obstacles, and provides him with unconditional love. Willie is healed by Mr Tom’s love, as Mr Tom aids him in overcoming his fears and other obstacles. Initially, Willie arrives as a frail, scared boy who fears asking questions, being disobedient and acting inappropriately, as these sinful actions would have resulted in a beating. This fear is gradually overcome, as Mr Tom reasserts that he is not going to beat Willie with a belt, and their mutual relationship forms a bond of love and trust. Mr Tom exclaims that whenever Willie is in his house, “he’ll live by his rules. He ent ever hit a child and if he did, it’ll be with the skin of his hand”. Additionally, Willie is intimated and humiliated by his lack of literacy skills, which has resulted in not being able to join Zach in Mrs Hartridge’s class. Mr Tom helps Willie conquer this obstacle through pledging devotion to teach literacy skills to Willie. Mr Tom, “sits beside Willie and tells him how he’s going”. Furthermore, after realising Willie’s use of his artistic abilities to aid himself in writing, Mr Tom was “speechless for a moment”.Mr Tom’s strong stance against child abuse and his devotion to Willie become confident, able to exceed his normal boundaries, realise his artistic talents, and most importantly, feel protected and loved. It is through this way that he is healed by Mr Tom’s love. Mr Tom provides Willie with unconditional love which acts as a powerful antidote to Willie’s scars. The unconditional love acknowledges and accepts Willie. His mother’s love was unconditional, as it did not accept Willie as a child that...
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