Topics: The Rockfords, Family, Mike McCready Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Reynald Lorenzo D. Ilagan

Is man by nature good or selfish? For me man by nature is good. Most of us do good things for the people we care about like our family, friends, and even people we don't know. Based on my experience, we do good things without waiting for something in return. But because of the society we become selfish and always want something in return. We become influemced by the people around us. I have been raised by my parents to do good things even there's nothing in return. For example, I myself like playing online games especially mmorpg, when a friend of mine needed help or that he/she is having a hard time I give him/her equipments without waiting for something in return. I've also read people who sacrifices themselves for the good of their country even though they know that their life will be in exchange. But i've also seen people do selfish things in our society, and i thinks this is because of their environment. They have been exposed to selfish things without even thinking fir the sake of others. By this I can conclude that man by nature is really good rather than selfish. Given the main family branch as an example, their three sons are good. But when they married the girl they want, one of them was'nt able to raise his child good and was exposed to the selfishness of the society. By this his son will now have a child in which the selfishness will be passed on, but the other two child the goodness will be passed. By this we can say that even the subranch became selfish while the main branch is good its just that one of the subranch was influenced by the selfishness. But because man by nature is good even the most selfish in the world I beleive that there is a goodness inside him. Just like the prisoners, because of their time in prison they were able to reflect about the things they've done and seen that there is still goodness in themselves and was able to become good in the end.
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