Goodbye Bafana

Topics: South Africa, Black people, Nelson Mandela Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Goodbye Bafana


The film is about a man named James Gregory, who grew up on a farm in South Africa with dark coloured people. In this way, James learned their language Xhosa, culture and conditions. Later on when James became an adult, he was employed by the government. The government finds out that James can speak the native language and therefore he gets a job, where he had to censor all kinds of letters that goes in and out of the prison and the prisoners’ conversations, he could spy on them without them knowing about it. But he had to especially watch out for Nelson Mandela, who was the most dangerous man according to the government. James seemed very interested in Mandela’s opinions and life, and he treated him with respect, even though he was a prisoner.

James family experienced the dark coloured civilians being searched for ID and getting beaten on the streets. James was told that the freedom charter which is made by the party ANC, which stands for the African National Congress, is the extermination of the white people. Therefore James examined the freedom charter and found out that everything he had been told was a lie. The freedom charter consisted in all to live in peace and side by side. Over the years James slowly changed his view and could see through the apartheid system. James was later employed as a manager in a prison, where it aimed him to keep an eye on Mandela and the imprisoned people from ANC. It became harder and harder to keep Mandela inside prison, as rebels fought against the apartheid regime, they moved him around to 4 different prisons, where conditions were better for each time. It resulted in Mandela was freed after 27 years of confinement!

Prison conditions:

It all started at Robben Island, the most secure prison in South Africa. James is employed in Robben Island as a prison guard, and must keep an eye on Mandela. Because that James can speak Xhosa and can therefore understand everything what Mandela...
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