Good Will Hunting

Topics: Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon, Feeling Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Good Will Hunting

Though Will Hunting (Matt Damon) has a genius level-intelligence (such as solving sophisticated mathematical problems), works as a janitor at a prestigious college in Boston and lives alone in a few apartment in South Boston. Even though Will is one of a kind genius, he is an abused foster child resulting for him to destruct his own professional and emotional life. Will solved the problem of Professor Gerald Lambeau, a Field Medalist, left on a challenge to his students in the chalkboard, hoping if someone can solve the problem by the end of the semester. Everyone wonders who solved the problem. So, Professor Gerald posts another problem that he and his colleagues took two years for them to solve. Will was caught on the act of solving the problem by Professor Gerald. The professor taught that Will is just vandalizing and it turns out that Will solved the problem correctly. So, the professor chase Will believing that he might have a great potential in the field of mathematics. Mean while, Will faces imprisonment after attacking the one who bullied him when he was in kindergarten. Professor Gerald goes to Will’s trial offering him a choice. Its either he will be on jail or he will go to Professor Gerald’s personal supervision where he must see a psychotherapist and study mathematics. He agrees though he believes that he doesn’t need the therapy.

Five psychologists fail to connect with Will. Professor Gerald finally calls on psychologist Sean, his old friend and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) classmate. Sean is different from the five psychologies, because he is the only one that survived and pursues Will to help. He is being challenged by Will when Will analyzes the watercolor painting that Sean had done himself and concludes that it reflects Sean’s suppressed feeling about the premature death of his wife. After a long struggle and sessions Will finally decided to take away the inner demon and take charge of his own life. He...
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