Good vs Evil

Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Racism, White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: March 26, 2014
What is good? How can we know, and how important is it? From a society’s point of view, whatever is beneficial to general mankind is considered good and whatever is not in the interests of the general mankind is considered evil. Therefore, labelling any action as good or evil is clearly based upon one’s perception and judgment. Good and evil also depend upon the context and results. While an action or a person may be considered good in a certain situation, the same action or person may be labelled bad in another situation. For instance, fire produces warmth during winter. When it destroys property or life, it turns evil. Good vs Evil. There are many ways we can define good and evil; there is what society thinks good and evil is. As you can see martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, J.K Rowling and even you all have different ways and ideas of how to explain good and evil. The dictionary’s definition of good and evil, the dictionary defines good as being morally excellent, of high quality, right, proper, fit, well behaved and evil as being morally wrong, in just, immoral, wicked all these are brief ideas of good and evil. We see good and evil everyday but the one question everyone is still asking is how do we define what good and evil really is? Good and evil are judgment based. When a person finds pleasure out of something, he calls it good. On the other hand, if it brings him misery, he calls it evil. Based on precedents and what is beneficial or detrimental for general mankind, society has made a few laws that bracket certain actions across the world as good and evil. However, just like religious beliefs, this can keep changing with time. Labelling an action as good or evil is influenced by the situation, the result, religions and cultures. The person I believe optimises good the most is Ben Robert-Smith. On the 11th June 2010, a troop of the Special Operations Task Group conducted a helicopter assault into Tizak, Kandahar Province, in order to capture or kill...
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