Good vs Bad

Topics: Morality, Religion, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (675 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Good Vs Bad 1

Good Vs Bad

Good Vs Bad 2

There are no absolutes when it comes to the idea of whether human beings are “good or

bad, or a combination of both” (Thiroux & Krasemann, 28). It is difficult to define what is

good and what is bad but our society has a general consensus of what those terms mean.

If you shoot somebody without cause, it is deemed bad. If you donate to charity, it is seen

as a good action. I believe that when a human being is born, he or she is born a good being.

The only thing you know at that point in your life is that you need to survive to continue to

live. From that point on, the bad in you begins to grow depending on what you encounter

in life. It then becomes an individual choice on whether one allows the good or bad to

overcome one another. Although there are many variables, in the end I believe human

beings are essentially good.

The biggest proof that human beings are good is the creation of society. Without being

ethical and moral, humans could not create and maintain such an idea and way of life. If

you look at our society today, it has been created to benefit the greater good. Those

individuals that we as a society view as unethical and immoral are outcast in one way or

another. Such is the case with criminals who are imprisoned due to their bad actions. You

could say that a society could be created with only bad individuals in it. Although this is

possible, I believe that a “bad” society would eventually self destruct or cause an outside

force to destroy them. Such is the case with the Nazis. They were successful in achieving a...

References: Thiroux, J. P., & Krasemann, K.W. (2012). Ethics, theory and practice. (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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