Good User Interface

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A Good User Interface
The majority of today¡¦s businesses use the internet to expand their customer base. However, there are several companies who will publish their site on the World Wide Web, before reviewing its user friendliness. And in doing so, they may be losing a customer, due to the poorly designed aspects of that web interface. So, what makes a website a good user interface? Which sites are examples of this, and which sites are not? In the following information, there will be descriptions, benefits, and examples of both types of interfaces.

The most important aspect of a user friendly site is the speed of loading the site. For some new surfers, a fast internet connection does not exist. Therefore, it is important to limit the graphics on a web site. Those sites that fill the home page with mostly graphics and images, may find their potential client dropping the page at 50%. An example of such a site is the following wedding photography site: Its home page contains mostly digital pictures which take a while to load, before the end user can view what the photographer has to offer. Obviously, a photographer¡¦s web site should contain images of their work. However, the requirement would have been better accomplished by limiting the digital images to a link off of the home page as opposed to the opening page. In doing so, a potential customer would be able to open the home page to learn what services are offered, package pricing, and the studio location, prior to becoming impatient, thus moving onto another photographers site.

A website with a well-designed layout is also important to users. It is their window to view what the company has to offer. If the website¡¦s layout and appearance is confusing and inefficient, most customers will simply go elsewhere. According to KarenHolman, Information Specialist for Outreach Communications and Technology, ¡§A good web site puts the needs of its users...

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