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Topics: Starbucks, Espresso, Employment Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: October 11, 2010
The first concept we are going to talk about is “getting the right people on the bus”, which is illustrated in chapter 3 of . Instead of boosting the company’s profit directly, the concept targets the human resource management and how the company can benefit from it in the long run. Assume the company as a bus, and the Good to Great leader is the driver. Rather than having a fixed route then pick up passengers, Good to Great leader first gets the right people on the bus, then figures out where to drive it. The idea in this concept is counter-intuitive, since “people” are considered as priority, instead of the company’s direction, vision, or strategy. The leaders who have evolved into level 5 choose to apply this concept for the following reasons. First, the team can be more adaptive in new environment and more flexible when facing changes, since they are bound for each other, not a specific task. When the destination (sales task, market strategy) alters, they are more likely to continue the ride, since what they care about the most – their co-workers – is not changing. Second, hiring the right people in the first place can largely reduce the cost of managing the workforce, since the right people tend to be self-motivated by the inner drive to produce the best results for the company. Third, people are real determining factor of the success of a company. If you have the wrong people on the bus, it doesn’t matter whether you discover the right direction. Only the right people can help make the great vision works. Therefore, the concept is also known as “fist who, then what”. Good to Great leaders get the wrong people off the bus to eliminate costs, and then get the right people in the right seats to build a superior executive team. With the cooperation and mutual goals, the team figures out the best path to greatness together as a whole.

A good example for the application of this concept would be Starbucks. As seen from the Starbucks website, their recruiting...

References: Gretchen Weber (2005, February). Preserving the Starbucks Counter Culture. Retrieved May 22, 2010, from
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