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A good teacher is a work of art. A teacher is one that imparts knowledge to students within a field of study. Beyond that, teachers perform many other roles in the classroom. As a student, I had many teachers who were competent and provided the necessary information needed. Nevertheless, only a few stood out. My high school English Language teacher possessed all the ideal qualities of a teacher. Writing was always a challenge for me but having a supportive teacher made learning less difficult. Some roles he performed are that of being a facilitator and a mentor. With this, he contributed greatly to the development of my literacy. The fundamentals of teaching should be student- centered. Being a facilitator, the teacher brought his personality, passion, and experience into the classroom. My teacher did not just teach English language but he created conversations that included us, the learners. He mastered the role of being a facilitator wherein classes were structured for interactive lectures. Consequently, this allowed for an open exchange of ideas which helped me to view English Language as valuable and interesting. Also, he was instrumental in me passing English Language in Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) as well as to be a better writer today. Being a teacher entails more than merely standing in front of the classroom and lecturing. Mentoring is a pivotal role of teaching as it entails active listening. Being that writing was my weakest area I had many difficulties, however, my teacher would listen to my concerns and guide me along the way. In turn, this allowed me to feel a sense of support and confidence. In fact, teachers who are good mentors enhance learning within a supportive relationship. This is true as I saw a tremendous transformation from poor to excellent in my academic performance in English Language. Also, mentoring fosters a transition in knowledge, work and thinking, ultimately allowing me to attempt writing with confidence and with an...
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