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Adrian Gonzalez
Dr. Castro

Characteristics of a Good Student
 I believe there are two important characteristics to be a good student. Those characteristics are first dedication, and second, attendance. These two characteristics are not only going to help you now as a student but will definitely help you later on in life; whether it is in your personal life or in your professional life. No matter what you do in this life this two characteristics will be a part of your life.

    To me, dedication it is one of the important characteristics that a good student must have .When I was in high school, I used to keep up in all my classes. By doing my homework, class work, and projects I showed the dedication I had for that class. [I still remember the day that my biology teacher gave us a quiz without us knowing. My teacher was surprised when I got a 100% on that quiz.] Those activities mentioned were a helpful tool that made me an Honor Roll Student. Also, dedication applies to the time that you use for study. For example, when you are searching for information of a project at the library. That’s time that you are using to increase you knowledge which include dedication for that class. Therefore, dedication is one important characteristic to have for being a good student.

    As I mentioned another important characteristic of a good student is having a perfect attendance. Going to school every day without missing a class will help you out to be a good student. By having a perfect attendance you won’t miss any important assignments or projects .You will always know when you’re having an exam, so it won’t catch you up as a surprised. Also, by having a perfect attendance most professors give the students a few points for the effort of coming to class. If you’re doing bad in a class and the professor see that you never miss the class and you do your best he will try to help you out. Just by showing interest on the class and being there you earn...
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