Good qualities of roommate

Topics: Form of the Good, Cleanliness, Washing Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: January 4, 2014
When a teenager is about to leave home to pursue a higher education, he or she requires sharing their living space with others, whatever moving to the campus dorm or renting a apartment. I believe that good qualities of roommate would bring an impressive university life for each other. Consequently, if I have the option to choose my own roommate, I will find a roommate for the following characters. Just like other relationship, effective communication is the key to a health relationship with roommate as well. Communication is a significant bridge between roommates, if someone can openly express his concerns when some issues come up, thanks to his honesty, he will be a sincerely roommate. When we stay with new people, especially for international students, who came from different countries, sharing variety cultural backgrounds, with their own native languages, frequently communication is able to eliminate misconstrue and contradiction. Having good habits is also crucial. Is he responsible enough to clean up after himself? Can I trust him around my personal belongings? Is he always go back late that will interpret my sleep? Those questions are all measures to identify if roommate has good habits or not. In spite of the fact that we are likely to be very close friends, being an indispensable individual, life habits could not change easily. For instance, for some countryside student who is not use to take shower every day and do not wash cloth for several weeks, cannot realize the uncommon between others. Although it is difficult for him to change, sharing space requires people abounded bad habits. Being understanding and considerate also make sharing life easier and comfortable. It is highly unlikely that you will find a roommate who is exactly like you in personality, manner or habits, sometimes, some of which might be exactly opposite to yours in certain aspects. For example, my roommate is an avid reader and loves to spend his leisure time with books, while I...
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