Good Qualities of Good Speaker

Topics: Father, Mother, Family Pages: 6 (1871 words) Published: June 17, 2013
I was thirteen when my mom died. Her life was taken away by a man I never met before. She was the brightest woman I have ever met. Her hair was brown and curly. She had bright green eyes and a heart of gold. The day she left was one of the worst moments in my life .

I stared at her stone cold body with tears waiting to come out. My bright blue eyes sparkled with every tear that ran down my cheek. I was temped to run out of the room, but decided not to. I didn't want to look weak in front of my step-dad, Charles. He didn't treat me well, but I was ordered by him to like him. He was strong man with a bad temper. He already had a son, Tim, and a Daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was also strong and so was Tim. They both took after their dad. But I, Abbey Chin, was the unwanted child. I never understood the reason why my mom married him, was it because she was scared? I knew why. He hit me without my mom knowing and Elizabeth and Tim went along with it. They would laugh seeing me crying.

The only hope in my life was to find my biological father. I was in eighth grade and still no sign of him. I almost gave up looking for him. He never showed up in my life, and he never tried to contact me. What I didn't know at the time was that I knew him, very well may I add. I didn't know him as well as I thought I did, though.

I went to school a couple days later and everywhere I looked people were either staring at me or whispering about me. It was the worst feeling ever! My stomach turned with every insult coming out of people's mouths. I sat down in my chair which was of course, right next to the teacher's desk, Mr. Badry. He was short and skinny. He had bright blue eyes and black hair. He had a beard thing going on but it really made him look younger. He was about 40 years old and had a girlfriend who was also a teacher at the school, her name was Ms, Felly. She was one of the prettiest teachers and one of the nicest too. She was also really short with black hair. They were my favorite teachers.

Mr. Badry walked in the room and immediately looked at me. He paused at the door and just starred. Everyone was rushing to get to homeroom and I just sat there trying my hardest not to cry. You could see that he really cared and wanted to help, but he couldn't there was nothing he could help with. He came over to his desk and put his stuff down. He then looked up at me with eyes so gentle you couldn't stand it.

"You okay?" He asked. His voice was deep and soft.

"No, not really." I said not looking into his eyes.

"You know, I lost my father when I was your age." He replied. He was almost whispering.

"Yeah well, I lost both my parents. One before I was born and one at age 13." I said. I didn't mean for it to sound mean but I think it did because he stopped talking and took out his laptop.

I looked up again trying not to make it obvious that I was looking at him. He looked so worried and what if it was about me? Why does he care? What made me so special? I didn't know. The rest of the day was a big blur. Mr Badry and Ms. Wallace, my math and science teacher, said not to worry about homework because I was having a bad time. It was so nice to have one thing off my back and not have to worry about it.

I got on the bus and surprisingly didn't have to sit with anyone. I leaned up against the window and put my head phones in. I just kept starring out the window but not really starring. Too much was on my plate today. I didn't talk much at all that day. Too scared of what people might say. The bus ride wasn't long at all. I was the third stop and was about a fifteen minute ride from the school.

Elizabeth wasn't on the bus because she was staying after for a detention and Tim wasn't going to be home for another hour. I got off the bus and saw that Charles was home and no one else was there. I opened up the door and put my bag down. There wasn't a single noise in the house. Which I thought was really strange, but just thought...
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