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Topics: Personal assistant, Microsoft Office, Writing Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Personal assistant is someone who work for one person and help them to do their job. There are similarities between personal assistant and secretary, so be both of that profession like a same. Personal assistant provides service and support to business professional in a variety of industries. A personal assistant needs to know a lot of skill and have a good personality. Personal assistant is challenging position, personal assistant or a receptionist or a clerk, but a mix of everything and a mind of steel to take chair of responsibility. Being a good personal assistant may even lead to additional employment opportunities within your chosen industry (Remy & Ettow, n.d.). There are several tips how to be a good personal assistant such as having a good computer skill, develop good communication and written skill, and develop good interpersonal skill. One step to become a good personal assistant is having good computer skills or personal assistant should keep abreast of the latest office gadget and technology as they an expected to know how to fix photocopier, and understand the features on the boss’s gadget. Personal assistant should good knowledge of the internet knowledge and has good skill of basic computer skills. Furthermore, in “Tip Top How Tip” (2011) personal assistant should understand about internet marketing, because they can easily handle and respond to client. Besides that, good behaviour will allow them to add value to their role and provide the best possible assistant to the boss (BaBlessing, 2011). As personal assistant should have at least three skills, there are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, they should know this because they will use this skill to do their duties every day.

Another step to become a good personal assistant is to develop good communications and written skills. Without a good communications and written skills, as personal assistant will lost their instruction that...
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