Good Parenting

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Good Parenting Parenting is indeed a full time job, and there is never a perfect parent. There are judgments made by people in today’s society saying how one parent is better than the other, but by who’s standards? I believe that I’ve narrowed the “standards to good parenting” down to three main points. One, when a parent provides their child with a valuable sense or morals and character. Two, when a parent provides the best they can for their child. What I mean by that statement is when a parent takes the necessary responsibilities and actions to raise their own child. Last but not least, a parent is someone their child can go and talk to. When these standards are met, the parent has succeeded. When someone becomes a parent, the pressure is on. Responsibilities must be taken in order to provide for the child. For example, one may take on an extra job to help be financially stable. By having this extra money things become more flexible and stable in the household. Parents can afford school supplies, food, clothes and a shelter for their child. When a parent provides for their child, it gives the parent a sense of pride. A responsible adult also makes sacrifices. It may be not getting their nails done every other week like they used to, or, it may be just spending more time with them. If a parent does this for their child, then they are on the right side of parenting.
Second step to good parenting, is being a child’s best friend. As a parent, the child should feel comfortable coming to their parent for anything. They could be asked for advice or they may just want their parent to listen to them. Either way, the child shows that they have trust in the relationship with their parent. Knowing that their child can trust you is a huge accomplishment. If a parent does not succeed at becoming their child’s friend, things can get pretty difficult. The child begins to sneak and lie about certain things in hopes that the parent won’t care about what is really going

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